Advisor Heiko Groen is an experienced guide in the jungle of Germany’s social welfare system.

All consultations are, of course, absolutely confidential and free of charge.

Topics of the consultation

Typical areas of social welfare advice include:

  • aspects to consider when working as a student (e.g. taxes)
  • social benefits available to students
  • child support
  • health insurance issues
  • child-raising allowance and child benefits   
  • broadcast license fees (and in which cases students may be exempt from paying them)
  • benefits available to students
  • what to consider when finishing your studies and thus losing your status as a student

Who can make use of the consultation service?

This consultation service is directed to all (prospective) students of the University of Oldenburg, Jade Hochschule and Hochschule Emden/Leer.
It is highly recommended for students who have (or are expecting) children because of the wide variety of financial aids that might be obtained.

A basic orientation in English is possible. However, the extremely specific German vocabulary in this field sets a limit to the scope of the consultation.

Contact information

Regular office hours:
Mon - Thu          10.00am - 12.30pm
Wed                    1.00pm -  ­­­3.00pm

During office hours, an appointment is not necessary. Personal visits will be preferred over phone calls, so you might get the answering machine. Please leave a message so that he can call you back as soon as possible. You may also call outside of the regular office hours.

The office is located on the campus of the University of Oldenburg (SSC, room no A12 0-012.) This office is fully accessible.

On Tuesdays, Heiko Groen offers on-campus consultations at the Jade Hochschule in Oldenburg:
1.00pm – 2.00pm
(Ofener Str. 16/19, AStA-office in the Mensa building).

Heiko Groen furthermore visits Emden and Wilhelmshaven for on-campus consultations several times a year. The exact times are announced well in advance through notices on campus, on our website as well as on Studentenwerk’s Facebook page.
Students of the technical universities in Emden and Wilhelmshaven may, of course, also make use of the office hours in Oldenburg. Alternatively, they can seek consultation at any time by phone or e-mail.

Phone +49 (0)441/798-2706
Fax     +49 (0)441/798-2302

Überblick über die Kompetenzbereiche und jeweilige Vertretungsangebote

Zunächst ist es sinnvoll, die weiterführenden Links in der ersten Tabellenspalte zu nutzen, um sich selber schlau zu machen. Wenn aber viele Inhalte ineinander greifen und breiter Überblick nötig ist, wird die eigene Lektüre vielleicht nicht zur Lösung eines Problems führen. In diesem Fall können die Vertretungsangebote weiterhelfen:

Beratungsschwerpunkt: Vertretungsumfang
Wohngeld Orientierungswissen, Überblick zur Glaubwürdigkeit des Antrags, keine Wohngeldberechnung Sozialreferat

Jens Müller-Sigl
SGB II (Arbeitslosengeld II, Sozialgeld)

Bedarfsermittlung, Einkommensanrechnung Sozialreferat
SGB III (Arbeitslosengeld) Anwartschaft, Sperrzeit, Prognoseberechnung; keine Vertiefung zum Studentenstatus im SGB III ALSO e.V.
Krankenversicherung Orientierungswissen Jens Müller-Sigl
Wiebke Hendeß
Jobben (Sozialversicherung, Steuern, Honorar) Orientierungswissen Jens Müller-Sigl
Wiebke Hendeß
Immatrikulationskosten (zuständig: Hochschulen) Orientierungswissen Jens Müller-Sigl
Wiebke Hendeß
Rundfunkbeitrag Orientierungswissen Jens Müller-Sigl
Wiebke Hendeß
Kindergeld Orientierungswissen Jens Müller-Sigl
Wiebke Hendeß
Mutterschaftsgeld, Elterngeld, Unterhaltsvorschuss Orientierungswissen Jens Müller-Sigl
BAföG-Besonderheiten bei studentischen Eltern Vertiefte Kenntnisse:
z.B. Verschiebung Leistungsnachweis, Verlängerung
Jens Müller-Sigl
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