Several students at the university of Oldenburg have to manage their universitary daily life despite having to deal with neuro-sensoric or psychic-social diseases and impairments:

- pre-existing psychic conditions

- trouble with concentration

- difficulties in social contact

- hypersensitivity und sensory overflow

- neurological diseases, e. g. tinnitus oder MS

- AD(H)D

- autism spectrum

- etc.

The spectrum of diseases is as diverse and widely spread as the problems and difficulties students have to face in their universitary life.

Often there´s a lack of knowledge about whom to contact in need of advice or assistance, a contact-point for orientation or support and the contact to people one simply feels “understood” by.

As multisided the respective impairments are, as similar are the barriers that have to be conquered – whether it´s the communication with lecturers, the participation in presence-lectures or group-work at university or the delivery of tests and exams.

You don´t have to face these difficulties on your own – lots of problems are easier solved together.

Tell us, what barriers you have to deal with, what kind of support you´d wish for, what measures could be of help to you and are simply missing at our university so far. With your feedback, we can get into dialogue with university and work on creating a better, easier and more practicable universitary daily life.

All the best

Angela (B. Sc. Sonderpädagogik / Philosophie) & Christiane (B. Sc. Umweltwissenschaften)

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