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origin mapMore and more international students are coming to Oldenburg, Emden, Wilhelmshaven and Elsfleth. Exchange students as well as so called "free movers“ are invited to make use of the facilities offered by the Studentenwerk Oldenburg, one of 58 organizations in Germany providing student services both on and off campus.

Among other things, the Studentenwerk helps to provide housing for many students in Oldenburg, Emden, Wilhelmshaven and Elsfleth, either in halls of residence run by the Studentenwerk or, in some cases, in private homes. In Oldenburg, the Studentenwerk also offers a couple of guest rooms which, in urgent cases, can be used by international students for short-term accommodation.

Student counsellors from different countries help their fellow students from abroad to come to terms with their new surroundings and a different culture. They also provide a monthly programme of leisure activities where German and international students can get to know each other.

If you realize that you have trouble adjusting to the new life style and different values or if problems arise concerning your studies, you can always turn to the psychological counselling services (“Psychosoziale Beratung” – PSB). The counselling sessions can be conducted in English or German, they are free of charge and strictly confidential.

For students sharing an apartment, communication is absolutely vital. But what's to be done if you don't know the words and gestures won't do? The illustrated dictionary for living at a student dorm will help. By the way, they also explain certain peculiarities about life in Germany - like seperating waste.

There are currently four language combinations available for download:

German - English- Chinese

German - Polish - Russian

German - French - Spanish

German - French - Arabic

Finding your way through the German health care system

The illustrated health dictionary (German-English) explains the basics of the German health care system and contains the essential vocabulary you might need in health-related situations.

Illustrated dictionaries
Illustrated dictionaries
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