Many thanks for your interest in accommodation in one of our dorms!

In our FAQs we’ve put together all the important information you’ll need in order to apply. Please make sure to read the FAQs first before applying to avoid unnecessary mistakes!

Here are some of the most importants hints and tips:

  • The demand for rooms is often much higher than availability. An application is not a reservation and also not a guarantee that we can make a room offer for your desired moving in date. Make sure to check out alternative accommodation possibilities in Oldenburg Emden, Wilhelshaven and Elsfleth. (check the "weblinks" in the FAQs)
  • Read through the online dorm descriptions and choose the dorm and the the type of accommodation which interests you and your budget most. Please note: You may apply for one dorm only and only one application per person is accepted. Multiple applications will be automatically deleted.
  • Directly after you’ve applied, you’ll receive an e-mail asking you to confirm the attached link. Only when the link is confirmed is your application complete! To keep the waiting lists up-to-date, we will send you an automatic e-mail every 30 days. The link in this mail must be confirmed within 5 days, otherwise your application will be deleted from the system.

Important! Please do not apply using an e-mail address from the Microsoft group. Our server doesn’t send to these e-mail addresses and this means that you will lose out on an offer!
The domains affected are @live, @hotmail, @outlook, @gmx, @windowslive

  • A valid application can only be made when you have the letter of acceptance from the university/ proof of enrollment. One of these two documents must be uploaded with the application. No other documents will be accepted (CampusCard, school reports, recommendations, applications, etc)
  • Rooms are assigned according to the order of the waiting lists. As soon as we can make you a room offer, we’ll e-mail you the contract and other relevant information. To make the contract binding, the contract and all other documents must be returned to us within the given time-frame. The contract will be in German as all legal documents must be in the national language. An English version is not available.

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